Suppression of Men’s Feelings in Society

It was an ordinary day for me. I was walking on the streets and saw one man arguing with another man. They could’ve argued gently and more humanly and smartly but they refuse to do it. And I wonder why is that?

We are living in a society built by men for men. A society to express women. To feel them self superior gender. And with that all of us even once in our life must hear these:

Men don’t cry.

Don’t act like girl.

Man up.

That two men I saw were trying to be superior by being the louder cause that makes them stronger. Fighting like a girl can be understanding as weak.

In World War II, American women built planes, machines. When men are at war they took care of all the things when men are here. When the war ended %80 women did not wanna go back to traditional housewife roles.

We can say now women are so different from 100 years ago. So why men are not?

Sigmund Freud thinks that every emotion desires always with us even if we suppress it taught. We have to let men cry and talking about how there feel. Cause when they are sad it turns into anger.

Encouraging them to be themself is the best thing we can do for our society.

When we say man up let it be meaning is be themself. Be the real masculinity.



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berna seyrekbasan

berna seyrekbasan

I write about “How can gen z be survive at society?”.